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There's nothing like a good PB. It means you're improving your fitness, and that's what it's all about.

But how do you get there? What kind of training should you be doing? And how do you balance your running goals with the rest of your life?​

The good news is that I have answers.

Here to help you achieve your running goals—whatever they may be—and we can do it together in a way that fits around your schedule.



✔️Designed to suit you and your running needs

✔️Flexible training hours, no need to commit to a 'Set club session time'

✔️Injury Prevention

✔️Help with rest & recovery

✔️Become stronger, strength and conditioning included with EVERY plan

✔️Professional Support & Advice - Rather than your mates at the local Park Run

✔️Fits around your schedule -to keep your nearest & dearest from moaning!



👍Run Plan for you, taking all your health and fitness into consideration.

👍No generic downloads

👍 Gives You Everything You Need To Improve Your Running

👍Fit into your work life & the children's schedules





Getting started on the journey from a couch to successfully completing the London Marathon 2024 may feel daunting, but trust me, it's entirely achievable with the right approach.​​

What You Can Expect From Us?

. Training Programme

. Advice

. Expert tips and strategies

. Nutritional guidance

. Motivational support

. Q+A's

Training Performance Improvement Without a Coach


Training Performance Improvement With a Coach


Based on following a Marathon Training Program for Athletes of any Fitness Level.

Faster, Stronger, Further!


Memberships that work with you, not against you!

Each Membership Includes:

Shared Active Spreadsheets, Bespoke Running Plans, Strength & Conditioning Programs, Nutritional Guidance and Most Importantly....

Your Own Cheerleeder!....Email Check Ins


£50 p/m

*For Those Who Need a Training Plan*

. Strength Plan

. Nutrition Guidance

. Monthly Email Check-Ins

. Changes to the Plan

. Injury Prevention


£75 p/m

*Most Popular Membership*

. Bespoke Strength Plan

. Nutrition Guidance

. Check-ins every 2 weeks

. Changes to the Plan

. Injury Prevention


£100 p/m

*For Those Who Have Set a BIG Challenge*

. Bespoke Strength Plan

. Individual Nutrition Guidance

. Weekly Check-Ins

. Changes to the Plan

. Injury Prevention

Coach Emma

About Run Strong

Run Strong was founded in 2016, with one goal in mind:

To help Runners unlock their potential, by giving them the strength and conditioning tools to help stay injury free.

It developed from there, helping local Runners achieve PBs and Providing Strength and Conditioning advice.

Emma has since gained education in specific Nutrition Training and completing the England Athletics Coaching Course.​

Run Strong With Emma now provides a

High-Quality, Smart, and Reliable Online Training Portal.

Giving You Everything You Need To Grow Your Running To Where You Want It To Be​

Working With The Best Clients & Partners



Debbie O'Connell -
Won Gold at English Champs 400m Track

PBs in 60m, 200m & 400m

Now on the Road to the World Para Champs & Paralympics 2024

I have had weekly coaching sessions with Emma for the last 6 months. When it comes to coaching there are people who talk a good game, but Emma is the Coach that will make it happen.

She provides not only coaching but mentorship that is invaluable. Her knowledge and passion are incomparable, she knows what works and treats you as an individual to tailor every session to your exact needs and goals, checking in regularly to ensure everything is going well.

Thank you Emma for your unconditional support, I have already seen huge differences in my sporting abilities and remained injury free in the process.

I consider Emma a game changer in my life and encourage anyone who has goals, targets or just questions to take that leap of faith.


Vikki, 51-

Completed First Half Marathon

As 51yr old female that only started running at 50 I have struggled with various aches and pains in knees, back and hips."

After a search around I had the good fortune to find this knowledgeable young woman.

She is amazingly thorough, got me doing a run along with a few moves and identified the problem and set me up with a full personalised training programme and advice. All of it has all been put in an email, with training links for me to work on at fancy kit to buy either.

I can also contact her for guidance Emma really knows her stuff, fully explained everything and her passion for her work is obvious.



PB in Half Marathon and 12min Marathon PB

In the past I had visited Emma for sports massages and to discuss minor injuries from running. Emma’s advice has always been greatly appreciated and the exercises provided got me back out on the road running in no time! Her knowledge is invaluable and has tailored advice and exercises to me as an individual.

After discussing that I would be running the Berlin Marathon, Emma spoke to me about goals and suggested a training plan from her to help me achieve my goals. Emma’s training plan gave me great focus, direction and motivation. The plan contained a variety of runs and training, week by week, which I looked forward to and enjoyed! I provided Emma with links to my training runs to which she provided feedback and if I felt anything was too difficult or easy she would make alterations to my plan which I found really helpful.

During the training plan Emma maintained regular contact points to discuss in more detail how things were going so that future weeks could be adjusted based on the progress made previously. This kept me on track and motivated!

Thank you Emma for your support and structured training plan which helped me achieve a great 12 minute personal best on my previous marathon!

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